Gold Wake Press paperbacks are available online at, & Powell’s Books (OR). Selected titles are available at Small Press Distribution.

2014 & Future Titles:

Let There Be Light, Nick Courtright.
(, Powells, SPD) $14.95.

Holy Island, Lesley Jenike.
(BN,, Powells, SPD) $14.95.

Wilderness Champion, Gina Keicher.
(BN,, Powells) $14.95.

You Are Indeed an Elk, But This is Not the Forest You Were Born To Graze,
Kyle McCord.
(BN,, Powells) $15.95

New to the Lost Coast, Joshua Butts.
Not yet available. 2.1.2015.

Confluence, Sandra Marchetti. $14.95
Not yet available. 12.1.2015.

Aerialist, Mary Buchinger. $15.95.
Not yet available. 3.1.2016.

Other Acreage, Becca J. R. Lachman. $15.95.
Not yet available. 5.15.2016.


Sympathy from the Devil, Kyle McCord.
(BN,, Powells) $12.95

The Diegesis, Chas Hoppe & Joshua Young.
(BN,, Powells) $12.95

Reluctant Mistress, Anne Champion.
(BN,, Powells) $15.95

Hibernaculum, Sarah E. Colona.
(BN,, Powells) $15.95

X Marks the Dress: A Registry, Kristina Marie Darling & Carol Guess.
(BN,, Powells, SPD) $15.95

In the Kettle, the Shriek, Hannah Stephenson.
(BN,, Powells) $15.95

Some Churches, Tasha Cotter.
(BN,, Powells)  $14.95

Night Songs, Kristina Marie Darling.
(BN,, Powells) $14.95


The Body is a Little Gilded Cage: A Story in Letters & Fragments, Kristina Marie Darling.
(, Powells) $12.95

When the Wolves Quit: A Play-in-Verse, Joshua Young.
(BNAmazon.comPowellsSPD) $12.95

Punchline, Nick Courtright.
(, PowellsSPD) $12.95

To find a new beauty, Andrea Witzke Slot.
(, PowellsSPD) $12.95

Covenant, Donora Hillard & Zachary C Bush.
(, Powells) $12.95

Robinson Alone, Kathleen Rooney.
(BN,, PowellsSPD) $15.95

This is Not About Birds, Nick Ripatrazone.
(BN,, Powells) $12.95


Petticoat Government, T.A. Noonan.
(, Powells) $14

Oblations, Nick Ripatrazone.
(, Powells) $14

Sparrow & Other Eulogies, Megan Martin.
(BNAmazon.comPowells) $14

Shoo-Ins to Ruin, Evan Kennedy.
(BNAmazon.comPowellsSPD) $14

The Naming of Strays, Erin Elizabeth Smith.
(BNAmazon.comPowells) $14

Informal Invitation to a Traveler: Letters between J.R. & Miss Kim, Jeannie Hoag & Kyle McCord.
(, Powells) $14


Theology of the Body, Donora Hillard.
OUT OF PRINT (limited availability) (reissued)

The Silence of Sickness, Zachary C. Bush.
OUT OF PRINT (limited availability) (reissued)

Night Songs, Kristina Marie Darling.
OUT OF PRINT (limited availability) (reissued)

Of Creatures, Eric Beeny.
OUT OF PRINT (limited availability)

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