Gold Wake Press paperbacks are available online at, & Powell’s Books (OR). Selected titles are available at Small Press Distribution.

2014 & Future Titles:

Let There Be Light, Nick Courtright.
(, Powells, SPD) $14.95.

Holy Island, Lesley Jenike.
(BN,, Powells, SPD) $14.95.

Wilderness Champion, Gina Keicher.
(BN,, Powells) $14.95.

You Are Indeed an Elk, But This is Not the Forest You Were Born To Graze,
Kyle McCord.
(BN,, Powells) $15.95.

Aerialist, Mary Buchinger.
(BN,, Powells) $15.95.

New to the Lost Coast, Joshua Butts.
(BN,, Powells) $15.95.

Other Acreage, Becca J.R. Lachman.
(BN,, Powells) $15.95


Sympathy from the Devil, Kyle McCord.
(BN,, Powells) $12.95

The Diegesis, Chas Hoppe & Joshua Young.
(BN,, Powells) $12.95

Reluctant Mistress, Anne Champion.
(BN,, Powells) $15.95

Hibernaculum, Sarah E. Colona.
(BN,, Powells) $15.95

X Marks the Dress: A Registry, Kristina Marie Darling & Carol Guess.
(BN,, Powells, SPD) $15.95

In the Kettle, the Shriek, Hannah Stephenson.
(BN,, Powells) $15.95

Some Churches, Tasha Cotter.
(BN,, Powells)  $14.95

Night Songs, Kristina Marie Darling.
(BN,, Powells) $14.95


The Body is a Little Gilded Cage: A Story in Letters & Fragments, Kristina Marie Darling.
(, Powells) $12.95

When the Wolves Quit: A Play-in-Verse, Joshua Young.
(BNAmazon.comPowellsSPD) $12.95

Punchline, Nick Courtright.
(, PowellsSPD) $12.95

To find a new beauty, Andrea Witzke Slot.
(, PowellsSPD) $12.95

Covenant, Donora Hillard & Zachary C Bush.
(, Powells) $12.95

Robinson Alone, Kathleen Rooney.
(BN,, PowellsSPD) $15.95

This is Not About Birds, Nick Ripatrazone.
(BN,, Powells) $12.95


Petticoat Government, T.A. Noonan.
(, Powells) $14

Oblations, Nick Ripatrazone.
(, Powells) $14

Sparrow & Other Eulogies, Megan Martin.
(BNAmazon.comPowells) $14

Shoo-Ins to Ruin, Evan Kennedy.
(BNAmazon.comPowellsSPD) $14

The Naming of Strays, Erin Elizabeth Smith.
(BNAmazon.comPowells) $14

Informal Invitation to a Traveler: Letters between J.R. & Miss Kim, Jeannie Hoag & Kyle McCord.
(, Powells) $14

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